Brand and web design for wedding professionals

in pursuit of an elevated online (and client) experience 

Make your value, talent, and creative expertise known in a way that is polished and equally enticing 

As much as it provides need-to-know particulars like location or price, your website also sets the tone and invites someone to consider what it would feel like to engage with your business, firsthand.


Custom brand + website design is much like a custom-made wedding invitation suite

A comparison I like to make:


Envision what would happen if your brand presented a high-end feel

… and followed through with a high-end experience

How much easier would it be to...

· Expand and open up to premium markets
· Be seen as an authority in your industry
· Selectively work with couples who leave you fulfilled

The answer is, much, much easier.

Your brand and website should make an exceptional first impression because it’s the first touchpoint your dream couple interacts with. 

Making this kind of impression goes well beyond trendy fonts and color palettes, though. It will require cohesiveness, ingenuity, and renewed perspective ... with a collaborative partner, guiding you along the way.

Design that is beautiful as much as it is functional

I believe a strategic brand has a distinguished aesthetic without compromising on the necessary foundations. I take a “yes, and” approach to ensure your brand is instantly desirable and portrays an inviting (and practical) online presence.


· A visual brand identity that represents where your business is moving torwards

· A versatile, clean, and simple logo that will still feel fresh year after year 

· Font and color palette pairings that prompt an emotional connection only you can cultivate


· A streamlined customer journey that surprises and delights on every page

· A consideration of search engine optimization so couples easily find you on Google

· UX-friendly design layout and technical integrations that meet accessibility standards


Want to reposition your brand so it exudes self-assured confidence to your dream couples?

i'm here for it

- Rita Ellis, Rita Ellis Events

Alex went above and beyond with designing me a website that reflected me and my business perfectly.

I am still in awe of my website! 

The Signature Brand + Custom Website Experience 

This brand and website approach is created specifically with wedding pros in mind. Curate a seamless online presence that speaks to couples looking for a distinguished style just like yours. 

start your experience

The Signature Brand + Website Experience comes complete with…


Font + color selection, primary + secondary logo design, logomarks, web + print files, and a brand guideline for brand cohesion.


Responsive design for desktop and mobile, along with tech support so launching your site goes off without a hitch. 


Optimized page titles, meta descriptions, images, header tags, and as-needed redirects to set the foundation for SEO success.

easy communication & post-launch support

We’ll chat project details in our shared ClickUp dashboard and you’ll also find a recording of our pre-launch call with other resources to set you up for success. 

The Investment


Five Payments of $1300

start the EXPERIENCE

Recently Launched




In our ClickUp dashboard I’ll prompt you to share images, passwords, and other logistics so we can officially begin. A thoughtful approach to your pre-work, like filling out the client questionnaire and creating a Pinterest mood board, will go a long way to help define where you are now and where you want to be.

Getting organized for our time together


Using what you’ve outlined in your client questionnaire, we’ll meet for a brand strategy call to chat over a visual direction that reflects where your business is headed. We’ll then collaborate on one logo concept and refine until it feels just right.

Capture your vision through intentional design

Branding + Logo Design

During this stage, we collab back and forth as we turn every page of your site into an engaging web experience. You can relax because I’ve got tools to keep the feedback process super easy and I’ll continue to check in for your feedback along the way. 

See your brand in a new light

Website Design

Once branding and web design are complete, we’ll have one final call to go over a launch plan and steps to maintain your Showit site moving forward. Since this will be your new virtual home, I want to make sure you feel comfortable.

Revving up to launch day


The day has arrived! I’ll swiftly take care of all the “techy” stuff behind the scenes. You, on the other hand, get to leverage custom launch graphics to tease and officially announce your new site for all of social media to see!

Make your launch an event people will remember

Launch Day

If tech issues arise, you’ll have up to two weeks of post-launch support. Now that we’ve wrapped up your website and branding, consider me a resource you can always go back to as your brand continues to evolve and grow.

Keeping connected as your business expands

Ongoing Support

A breakdown of the process

- Kaleigh Moore, Kaleigh Moore Photography

I am so proud to send people to my website as I finally feel like it is an accurate depiction of me, my services, and brand.

"Since launching my website, I have booked 23 wedding clients! All of which have been higher paying and more "ideal" clients! 

-Carly Eastman, Carly Rose Photography

I feel confident in my online presence, and know that if a wedding planner reaches out/sees my website, I am showing my work in the best possible light!

“Not long after launching my new website, I booked a $6200 wedding at a beautiful estate venue! This is my highest wedding booking to date and I could have never booked this wedding with my old website.”

The results speak for themselves

Cassie Kraft, The Allen Farmhouse

Especially now with the website properly reflecting where we see our business going! For a while we wanted to reimagine our website and where we felt our business moving towards and Alex made everything feel so easy!

“Our website makes me proud of what we do!”

start the EXPERIENCE

The world deserves to see it, and, honestly, you owe it to yourself

There is something indescribable about seeing your work, something you’ve spent years perfecting, beautifully displayed in one place for everyone to see. 

We aren’t simply conjuring up visual concepts out of nothing. We’re creating a sentiment your dream couples can’t help but feel by surfacing your passion that’s been there all along.

Ultimately, my aim is to help you take immense pride in the work you do every day through a brand that displays your artistic expertise. To inspire confidence and remind you how far you’ve come.

Some final words of encouragement and a gentle nudge

To answer transparently, no. Most small business owners don’t realize SEO has an entire strategy that goes beyond my scope as a designer. But what I can say is, it’s my responsibility as your designer to follow best practices for on-page SEO. 

The Signature Brand + Website Experience includes page structure, header tags, basic keyword research, image + file name optimization, and submitting your site map(s) to Google Search Console. If you’re interested in a comprehensive SEO strategy to implement things like blog content, backlinks, and more, I have plenty of talented SEO colleagues I can refer you to!  

Do you take care of everything SEO related?

A custom brand and website gives you the opportunity to raise your rates and quickly make back your investment. That being said, I break up payments into 5 monthly installments of $1300 (the first payment due as your deposit upon booking) to make your investment more manageable. Custom payment plans are available upon request.

Do you offer payment plans and if so, how do they work?

Showit’s web platform was originally created for photographers. However, it’s since evolved into a well-worthy choice for any kind of business, especially wedding professionals. Even if you’re not a photographer, you’ll have plenty of beautiful images to showcase your work whether it be florals or event design, and Showit makes this possible.

Is Showit only for photographers?

Yes! Because of Showit’s creative flexibility for making updates, it’s the platform I exclusively design with and recommend to my clients. Plus, I’ve had the opportunity to meet the Showit team in person through their designer retreat, DXP. I can vouch for the people behind this platform. You’d be joining an incredible community and they’d welcome you with open arms.

Do you only work in Showit?

Frequently Asked Questions


The Signature Brand + Website Experience is perfect for when you’re:
· An established business
· Consistently booking weddings in advance
· Ready to stand out in the industry
· In need of a brand and website that easily attracts *perfect-fit* couples 

The Template Customization package is great for a first website, or when you need to quickly establish a poised brand by moving away from your first out-of-the-box site.

If you aren't sure which experience is right for you, complete the inquiry form to get in touch and schedule a complimentary consultation. I am happy to advise on the best choice for your business. 

How do I know whether I need a custom website or website template customization? 

My focus is on creating websites that are rooted in a strong brand foundation. I firmly believe that a custom website without brand strategy is not a wise investment, which is why I only take on such projects if the client already has a well-developed brand and logo suite. If this is the case for your business, please make a note when completing the inquiry form

While I encourage everyone to invest in brand and logo design for the long-term success of their business, I do offer website template customizations without branding and logo design as a budget-friendly option for those who are just starting out or not ready for a full brand identity yet.

Do you a website-only package? 

I offer brand design and template customization that are great semi-custom options if you aren't ready for The Signature Experience just yet. All template customization experiences include a template of your choice from the shop. Learn more about Template Customization or Brand, Logo + Template Customization below.

What other design packages do you offer if I’m not ready for The Signature Experience? 


Start connecting with couples who will appreciate your experience and genuinely bring you joy. 

Your high-end client experience starts with your website and brand


Starting at $3,000

Maybe you’ve been tinkering with a DIY site for a while, don’t have the budget for a custom site, but still want something that looks just as pristine. Template Customization will get you up and running right away.

Template Customization


Starting at $4,500

Think of this package as “semi-custom” design. Your custom brand and logo suite set the foundation for success. We’ll then work off the foundation of a template with final touches that give your website a polished finish. 

Brand, Logo + Template Customization

Custom design is a valuable investment, but it may not be what you need in this stage of business. Browse through the other options and see if they sound more like what you need, both of which include a template of your choice from inside the shop:

Not quite ready for “custom” yet?