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With well-thought-out visuals, we’ll custom-craft a brand and website that depicts the level of skill and sincerity you bring to your business every day 

"This is our place, we make the rules” where you get to

Own who you are and attract clients who inspire you

(Exactly what I’m here to help you accomplish)

A devoted fan of Taylor Swift, sweets, and stunning Showit websites for wedding pros

You’ll often feel a tension in your chest when you know your business has changed, but your brand and website don’t reflect the caliber of work you’re doing today (or want to do in the future). If I’ve learned anything, it’s to lean into this gut feeling. 

Because most likely, your business is significantly growing, sometimes in more ways than you thought you were initially capable of. 

This is why, as your Showit web designer, everything we create is to showcase more of who you aspire to be and get you one step closer to connecting with couples who genuinely bring you joy.

Hi, I'm Alex

My website and branding is everything I wanted it to be and more. Alex brought my brand to LIFE and I am so proud to show it all off to my clients!

- SONJA WESTBURG, wedding harpist


I set out for a steady, traditional career in the classroom 

(Riveting, I know)

It wasn’t long before I mastered the art of taking complex ideas, and making them simple and engaging for my students. Kind of a must when you’re a middle school English teacher! 

However, after six years of pouring my heart out (and frankly, feeling burnt out) I knew it was time to consider a new career path. 

Then, something in me clicked. Thinking about how much I loved creating page layouts in Adobe In Design as an editor for my school’s magazine, along with all the other aesthetic interests I’ve had over the years, it was clear that my new career path should incorporate design — the one thing I’ve been passionate about all along.

From that point on, I spent most of my evenings teaching myself Illustrator, listening to design podcasts, dreaming of a life outside the classroom. While, mind you, I was also in the middle of planning my wedding.  

And that’s when I noticed something interesting I just couldn’t get out of my head …

Wedding pros have the rare skill of delivering client experiences filled with warmth and love

I vividly remember sharing heartfelt moments with all the wedding pros I partnered with — one by one — each of them going above and beyond to make our wedding a reality.

More than that, they became part of our special day. I could tell it wasn’t just another “gig” for them. They understood how this event was an important milestone in my life and therefore, approached every part of the process with care.

By the time I was ready to start a web design business, I immediately knew — wedding pros were MY people.

The joy-filled experience you give your couples deserves to be felt throughout your brand in ALL of its fullness

Yes, it’s been years since I’ve been in the classroom. Yet I still find ways to combine my teaching experience with my skills in SEO and design, to turn your jumbled thoughts and ideas into a cohesive brand experience.

The Alex Collier Design Approach

Perspectives I keep at the forefront with everything we create together

Embracing simplicity

I believe less is more. Impactful design doesn’t embellish or overcomplicate. True sophistication is found in simplicity as if a designer’s hand is hardly even there. 

Balancing form and function

Your website is an airport, not a museum. People aren’t visiting your website to look at how pretty it is. They’re trying to GO somewhere and DO something. When designing, I take into consideration not only how your online experience looks, but how it works.

Demystifying tech

It’s my role as your designer to help you understand how to navigate your website — even if you’re tech-averse — so after we finish working together, your site can easily grow with you. 

Leading with a listening ear

I hope to come alongside you as a partner, where you feel open to bringing all your ideas and feedback, knowing I’ll always have your best interests in mind.

A stance on social justice + inclusion

Infused into my work at Alex Collier Design is the belief that we should create a just world for all human beings — inclusive of all races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities

Another reason why I have a passion for the wedding industry is because it’s a community of people from all different backgrounds intimately supporting one another. Whether through my work or personal interactions, I’m dedicated to practicing ethical standards that uphold the values of equality for all. I am an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and committed to practicing anti-racism.

Aside from dwelling in mood boards, you’ll find me...

Spending time with my husband and daughter

Like many of my clients, a big motivator in starting my business was the flexibility and freedom to enjoy more quality time with my family. From playing games to going for walks at the Botanical Gardens, making memories with my favorite people is what it's all about!

Speculating on the latest Taylor Swift Fan Theories

Whether I'm bejewling my Eras tour outfit or scouring the internet to predict the next album drop, it's safe to say I'm a diehard Swiftie. And let's be real, my love for T Swift runs deep—you might even spot some Swiftie easter eggs hidden right under your nose!

Listening to podcasts

Both for business and for entertainment. Currently on my queue is Normal Gossip, Nobody’s Listening Right, Las Culturistas, The Bechdel Cast, Celebrity Memoir Book Club, You’re Wrong About … I could keep going.

Mindlessly scrolling the internet

Binging on the latest crazy Twitter drama or viral TikTok of the day is a guilty pleasure of mine, for sure. For me and my husband, sending funny TikToks throughout the day is essentially our love language. 

I'm finally reaching clients that match my style and my vibe! Alex’s process made me feel felt and understood.


As a wedding pro, your poise and personality are what draw people in 

Let’s build your website the same way — striking a balance of clever and compelling