Alex Collier Design's Commitment to Anti-Racism

1. I am committed to representation. I pledge to consider representation on my own website and social media as well as my clients' websites, intentionally showcasing diverse couples. I strive to use diverse and inclusive placeholder images in my website templates.

2. I will not work with clients or businesses whose platforms encourage or practice racism in any way, shape, or form. That means I will not design websites for plantation wedding venues or other businesses whose platforms are disrespectful to Black or other BIPOC individuals.

3. As I add to my team and outsource business functions, I will actively seek to hire Black individuals and purchase products from Black-owned businesses.

4. I commit to accountability. When called to do better, I will not be defensive. I will apologize with empathy and then commit to action. I will also hold others accountable. I will not appear on podcasts or speak at events that do not commit to and practice diversity and inclusion. I will call out racism where I see it and hear it.

5. I commit to educating myself about systemic racism and sharing what I learn with my audience. I will continue to use my platform to #amplifymelanatedvoices.

Please note this commitment is a living document and may change and grow as I continue to learn more about how I can practice anti-racism in my business. I welcome any feedback and am always here to listen with an open mind.

Thank you to the following individuals whose words and ideas gave me new perspective and helped me write this commitment. Please visit their websites, follow them on social media, and purchase their services and products:

• Rachel Rodgers of Hello Seven, whose IGTV video, Marie Forleo & the good white liberal response, made me think deeply about what it truly means to listen and be an ally.  | Follow Rachel on Instagram
Jordan Maney, a radical joy coach. Jordan's IGTV video, STEP UP wedding industry, was an excellent call to action. I loved Jordan's post about how weddings are political: "people are politics, therefore everything is politics." | Follow Jordan on Instagram
Chip Dizard, a photographer, videographer, speaker and educator. Chip started a newsletter called the "No Judgement Zone Tribe." You can sign up for his newsletter here! | Follow Chip on Instagram
Dr. Tomayia Colvin, photographer, educator, and founder of The Cookout photography conference. Tomayia started a petition calling for the fair and equitable treatment of photographers of color, which you can sign here.  | Follow Tomayia on Instagram
Celisia Stanton, a Minneapolis-based wedding photographer who has been using her platform to educate on the history of systemic racism. I also loved Celisia's IGTV video, A talk on allyship, where she provided excellent recommendations for books to read and organizations to donate to.  | Follow Celisia on Instagram
Ty Pentecost, who commented on Julie Paisley's post calling her to do better and use her platform to discuss issues of race. Ty then went live on Julie's platform to share her experiences as a black woman and to provide action steps for white allies. I recommend this live for anyone who says they are not sure what to say or do about racism. | Follow Ty on Instagram
• Geomyra Pollard, aka Coaching for Creatives, my business coach and host of A Well-Rounded Life Podcast. Geomyra spoke as part of the panel with Engage Summit this week, and she also released a great podcast episode, The Path Forward: A Conversation About Diversity, Equity + Inclusion With Lynette Barksdale. | Follow Geomyra on Instagram
• Bron Hansboro, also known as The Flower Guy Bron, who started the #unitythroughcommunity hashtag encouraging wedding professionals to "post the work of African American wedding & event professionals." Bron said, "Let’s flood our timelines with the beautiful work of your collaborative partners and tackle this issue head on and move the needle forward." This also led to the creation of the Unity Through Community Creed and badge, seen above. | Follow Bron on Instagram
• Amanda Reid of Amanda Reid Designs, who posted powerful videos about her experience as a Black woman in America and why she created Calligraphers of Color. | Follow Amanda on Instagram
• Fellow designer Danait Berhe-Gaber who posted several thoughtful videos and posts that pushed my thinking. I especially loved her post about what it means to be a leader. | Follow Danait on Instagram
Terrica Skaggs, who hosted the town hall Healing Wounds and Bridging Gaps: An Honest Conversation About Race & Allyship in the Wedding Industry. | Follow Terrica on Instagram


Black Lives Matter.
Racism is systemic and pervasive.
White privilege is real.

Angela Davis once said, “In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” I am committed to practicing anti-racism in all facets of my life, including my business.

Here are the actions I am taking here at Alex Collier Design: