The Complete Guide To Blogging In Showit -

The Complete Guide To Blogging In Showit

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  1. […] been talking a lot about blogging on the blog recently (so meta, I know). We’ve talked about how to set up your Showit blog, why you should blog every client, and ideas for what to blog […]

  2. […] Showit’s blogging capability is through WordPress, an amazing blogging platform. You can design your blog page on Showit and do the actual writing in WordPress. This is one of my favorite features of Showit. You can learn more about blogging in Showit here.  […]

  3. Hobbit jack says:

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  5. Emily Hehir says:

    Hi Alex, Thank you for this resource – I am just setting up my Showit / WP blog and this was helpeful – it’s not as straightforward as I thought it might be! Do I need to install/do anything to make Smush do its thing for me or if I have the basic blog Showit plan will it just work automatically? Also, any idea why I’ve published posts through the WP back end but they’re not showing on my actual website (it still just displays the template content)?

    • Alex Collier says:

      Hey there! So glad you found the post useful! To use the Smush plugin, you’ll have to go to “plugins” on your WordPress dashboard, then scroll down to Smush and click “Activate!” If your template is displaying the template content and not your posts, my guess is your Blog tab is linking to the demo blog still. You’ll need to delete the demo blog pages in your account and relink to tab to your actual blog page. Hope that helps!

  6. Emily Hehir says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for this helpful resource. Do you know if I have to do anything to make Smush work or is it automatic if I have the Showit basic blog plan?

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