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Design a professional-quality website using a 12-column grid Are you a wedding professional looking to design your own website? Designing on a grid is an essential skill to learn to create a professional-looking website. Remember when you were a kid and it was a big deal learning to “color inside the lines?”  As a kid, […]

August 5, 2019

Design your contact page to get more leads Picture this: the dreamiest of dreamy ideal client brides is visiting your website. She reads your about page and thinks, “Wow, this photographer totally gets me. I want to be her friend!” She visits your weddings page and thinks, “Yes, totally in my budget!” She hops on […]

July 10, 2019

What is UX and why does it matter for your site? When I first got started in design, I studied something called User Experience (UX) design. These days, I don’t do very much UX work, but I’m glad I have a foundational understanding of it because it influences everything I design! Today I want to […]

July 9, 2019

Why and How to Blog Every Client in Your Wedding Business Every now and then, a debate pops up in the wedding industry: “Should you blog every client?” Well, I’m not a wedding pro but I AM a website pro. and my answer is: HECK YES you absolutely should!! Today I’m proposing you adopt what […]

July 3, 2019

Improve Your Website Using the Enneagram Have you taken the Enneagram test yet? It seems like everyone’s obsessed with it these days, and there are tons of fun Instagram accounts giving insight and even poking fun at the different types. I’m an Enneagram six (the loyal skeptic), so I guess it’s totally on brand that […]

June 26, 2019

My life motto is “work smarter, not harder.” When it comes to using the web, especially as a designer, I’m always looking for ways to make the experience more efficient! Chrome extensions help me do exactly that. If you’re not familiar with Chrome extensions, they are tools that allow you to customize your browsing experience […]

May 21, 2019

It’s tough to stand out as a creative business owner. That’s why it’s so great that excellent branding and web design can help us showcase our uniqueness and connect with our ideal clients. But unpopular opinion alert: your navigation bar is NOT the place to show off your uniqueness. I’ve seen this trend all over […]

April 19, 2019

Attention to detail is what elevates your website from okay to great. The footer is an often-overlooked design element, but SO important! Why You Need to Optimize Your Footer Users use the footer for two main reasons: After failing to find the content they were looking for elsewhere (for example, less important pages that aren’t […]

April 14, 2019

In the creative industry, trends often catch on because they look pretty and it seems like everyone else is doing it. Hamburger menus are a trend that I’ve noticed everywhere recently, and I’m here to give you some tough love and tell you to stop. Using a hamburger menu is hurting your conversions. It’s making […]

April 12, 2019

Readability is a huge consideration for your website. If potential clients are straining their eyes or can’t follow along with your copy, you risk losing their interest. You wrote all that high-converting copy, don’t you think it’s important that your users can actually read it? Just because YOU can read something easily doesn’t mean your […]

April 3, 2019